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Non-Profit Organizations

We are called to serve the hungry & the thirsty, clothe the poor, visit the imprisoned and infirm.  Jesus says, "Whatever you did for the least of these you did for me." 

Church-Street embraces this calling by supporting the non-profits that fulfill this mission with their programs and services. 


Lesson Plans & Instructional Design

Whether your Org needs lesson plans designed to train volunteers, curricula that meets state standards or are looking for Social Emotional Learning materials we can help. 

Grant Writing

When the time comes to distill all of your outreach, awareness campaigns, and community programs into outcomes, numbers,  and operational narratives to compete for funds, we are ready not only to put your grant applications together but to research available opportunities.

One sheets, white papers, logic models, flyers and brochures

Can you clearly and concisely condense all your efforts and passion into a single 8.5 by 11 sheet, that you can give to community stakeholders, funders, volunteers and prospective client population to tell them what you do and why they should care? We can.



Does the living document that governs your org need new life breathed into it? Do you need a six month operating plan? Even if you're just starting out and need a plan that aligns you mission and vision from scratch, we can assist.


Choose from our catalogue of themed stories. We have pieces on faith, encouragement, persistence, financial literacy and more. We also author original pieces based on your org, theme or character.

Ad Campaign & Social Media Management

Need help getting your message out to the masses or do you need help figuring out just what your messaging should be? Let's talk.

Character & Series Development

Does your organization have a mascot they want to create a backstory for or are you looking to produce a series to support your mission? We can help.

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