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We Bring the Church to the Street.

Church Street Media is an author-friendly publisher founded for the sole purpose of brining the gospel to people where they are. We are passionate about spreading the good news through serving others and publishing stories that edify the soul. One of the ways we do that is by helping writers from all walks of life reach their creative dreams and achieve literary success by teaching them how to do it themselves.


We Can Help You

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Our Releases

Find Your Next Fiction Favorite


A middle grade novel


Flash Fiction

Coming Soon...

Study guides and resources for small groups and VBS

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Children's book series


Church-Street Media Authors & Contributors

*All contributors are independent contractors hired on projects for but unaffiliated with Church Street Media. **Referrals are available but bookings not guaranteed.

Stevnique Curry

Illustrator @bLanime_art

Krystena Lee

Author &

Publishing Technology Maven

Josh Manges

Illustrator @dirtywaterwookie

Rosane Cornbrooks-Catalano


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What's in a (-) hyphen? The mission. A hyphen is used to join words and indicate that they have a combined meaning or that they are linked. Similarly Church-Street is on a mission to connect the church to the street the way the gospel intended. 

About Us

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